10 Juni 2012

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Belajar Pidato Bahasa Inggris

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. Sob ……..kali ini  http://gratisinda.blogspot.com akn berbagi trik belajar pidato bahasa ingris ,, nah disini saya postingin nih pidatonya untuk sobat jika sobat di suruh oleh ibu/bapak guru  di sekolah ,, nah sobat ga usah bikin cape cape tilis d buku ,, sobat tinggal copas pidato di bwah ini ke Ms word baru print jadi deh pidatonya ,, silahkan simak pidato di bawah ini….

Honourable my head master
Honourable my techer
Respectable master of this ceremony
Respectable all pf you my beloved friends
And my loving audience

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

(sobat isi disini dengan mukodimah yang sobat inginkan)

            Bismilahirhmanirrorim, all praises may be to allah who ordes all of muslims to build brotherhood and unity, forbids to quarrel and disintegration. May the blessing and peace of allah be upon the last chain of prophet hood, the prophet of allah Muhammad saw who gave the best example of brotherhood and loved each of ather.

            Then, I’d like to say thanks to the master of this ceremony, for giving me chance to stand in front of you in the frame tawashu bil haq bishshobr. This time I’d like to deliver my speech with a title

                                                            RESPONSIBILITY OF A LEADER
            Allah has stated to exalte some people and humiliate some other, has raised some people as leader and some other a common people. Like that of the statement of on this world.
Allah says:

(nah disini sobat isi dengan qur’an atau hadist yg akan sobat di jelaskaan)

Leadership is a trust from alla which will be askedit’s RESPONSIBILITY on the day of judgement. Whoever does it’s well, allah will give him reward, on the contrary who betray in leadership, that doesn’t advantage to the others. As allah says in his Quran:

(sobat masukan Quran surah yang anda inginkan)

         My brother muslims of main.
It means that whoever does’nt give virtue advantage to the while he be a leader, he isn’t right to hold it.
                     Leadership isn’t the way to seek possetion, wealth and position or the word is ambitions. Yet it’s a trust which will be asked it responsibility on the day of judgement.

                     Rasalulloh saw said:

(sobat isi lagi dengan hadist yg sobat ingginkan)

It doesn’t mean when there is a vacancy of leadership we away and neglect it, so that it’s held by the unlearn people and can’t be trusted. The hadist above asked us not be betray of trust . and do it badly, never use power and position for individual interest.

         My brother , lest’s realize it we are leader who will be asked on what we lead on the day of judgement
                                 O allah let us be those who are not greedy to a power, or position in this world, and if you give us power or position, let it be a way to get closer to you. Amin.
         Finally I’d like to say sorry if there is mistake, because I’m still in learning level.
              Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
Itu lah pidato yg bias saya postingkan untuk sobat smoga bermanfa’af
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